Dear future colleague,


I’m convinced you are fully aware our Belgian banks are moving forward in becoming digital. But what does digital actually mean? It is not only a new mobile app or a banking web platform, there is a wealth of activities around it. For example, what do you think about:

  • Customer centricity
  • Know Your Customer
  • Back office systems connecting with new applications, even outside the bank (PSD2)
  • Regulations which are needed to guide the digital wave (ex GDPR)
  • Data gathering and analytics
  • When communicating with your bank, are you sure you have a human person on the other side? Or could it be a robot? And who developed this robot?
  • Agility, the speed of change, with every idea needing to be implemented yesterday
    In the past, IT enabled this digital wave.

Today, IT is driving this digital wave. CGI, your potential new employer, lives IT but is very closely linked to the business. We are convinced combining business and IT knowledge brings much more value to our clients.

We are doubling our team, but because of the diversity of activities, we will not put you in a box by defining specific role descriptions such as project management, business analyst, architect. We believe you are responsible for your career and expect that you are ready to think out of the box.

Tell us what your ideal job would look like and what you could bring to CGI and our clients. The only pre-requisites are that you have a vast interest in IT (functional and/or technical) and an interest in the banking and/or insurance industry. Next to that, bilingual added with English is a good advantage.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you have capabilities you want to explore? Do you have a mission?
Join CGI and we will help shape your career and together we will make our clients truly digital.