Gregory Microsoft Technical Consultant

“I joined CGI because of their reputation for continually investing in the personal development of their members. I participated in the Young Potential Program which is aimed at improving both business and technical skills. The Program enabled us to reduce the gap between formal education and the reality of a business environment. CGI provides you with ample training and resources to support your career.

The company encourages its members to innovate and share knowledge. Intrapreneurship, collaboration, transparency and commitment are all values ​​of CGI. I have found that this is perhaps one of the few companies where you can share ideas with your national CEO and beyond. CGI is a great place to build your career.”

Stefan Microsoft Technical Consultant

“CGI is a great place to work and build your career. At CGI, you get the chance to grow and develop yourself to your fullest potential. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects and I am always looking forward to the next challenge.”

Rutger Senior Business Consultant in Financial Services

“I really appreciate CGI’s culture of intrapreneurship and ownership. Opportunities are always available for the ones who take the initiative.

As a member, CGI provides you with the resources to go above and beyond to add value to your clients. While working at CGI, your efforts are rewarded through professional growth, a challenging work environment and opportunities to be the best together.”

Young Potentials

Lisa Master Business Engineering – Operational Management

“After my induction track, I started working as a service coordinator at the Marketing and Sales Local Delivery team at a client in the energy sector. It is amazing what I have learned in such a short timeframe. There is a wide range of subteams such as E-operations, Salesforce, DomainExperts etc. I also understand more and more about the energy and utilities market, of both customer and business markets. I am responsible for the coordination of all frontend web applications, B2B and B2C, my main responsibilities are incident, change and release management. I monitor our client’s frontend applications and performance. In case of an incident, I send it to the right teams and I follow-up with all impacted parties in an ITIL way. It is a great responsibility – High Impact Incidents are critical – where communication and information are key. That is why we provide a 7am-7pm service.”

Ming Wai Master in Applied Economics, Innovation & Entrepeneurship

“Thanks to the Young Potential program, I have received interesting and valuable trainings and resources. A few weeks later, I started supporting the Channel & Interactions team at a banking client. I help setting up strategic directions concerning internal and external communications on product releases, changes or updates from our client’s online banking platform. This includes visualizing flows and business processes to improve the interactions with their customers through their digital platform.”

Frederick Master in Public Administration & Public Management
Master in Business Economics

“I am working at a client in government as a functional and business analyst, in cooperation with experienced program managers from CGI and the technical leads. I relied on my background in Public Management to define user requirements for the software development at client site. I communicate on a daily basis with the CGI developers and client business users. I am also supporting CGI with bid support and contract governance. It is amazing what you absorb when doing things in real life, in the workspace.”

Hervé Master of Science in Business Engineering
Master in Supply Chain Management

“I am working at a client in the health & life science sector, on a cross-functional project within a international environment. Our team is building a dashboard to improve and support our client’s supply chain End2End visibility. I take up a bridging role as Business Lead Analyst for the development of the tool. I analyze the Supply Chain to gather the right data and design the dashboard with valuable SC analytical tools. It is great to use my knowledge in Supply Chain and I like being challenged by the team and the client. I report to the Global Planning Director at client site, and I am thankful for the high level of empowerment the client gives to a young consultant like me.”